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Real-time demand-driven procurement planning and sourcing management

Real-time demand-driven procurement planning and sourcing management platform providing market linkage between farmers, supply-chain players, and end-consumers, achieved through our embedded AI-ML based analytics layer with a core planning engine which seamlessly manages the supply-demand mapping across the value chain.

How it works:

Uses historical data and an AI-ML core engine to generate the most accurate demand forecast and procurement planning across network of farmers, vendors, collection centres and distribution centres

Most optimal demand driven procurement planning that ensures minimal waste and maximum fill rates

End-to-end visibility of demand, market prices and bid prices for farmers

Reverse auction can be conducted through the platform based on demand and market prices to obtain supplies from farmers


Reduced waste and improved profitability across the value chain due to demand-driven crop cultivation and procurement planning

Price and demand transparency and visibility across the supply chain

Farmers can directly bid in e-auctions while being aware of market prices

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