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Optimize warehouse management & food processing through intelligent automation with AI&ML

Drives planning, management and operations across processing and warehousing to transform agri produce to food suited for nutrition and taste through a combination of automation, IoT sensors, digital systems and AI-ML algorithms. Complete automated material in-warding, warehousing, cold storage, material handling, food processing, quality management and order fulfilment solutions ensure the most optimized warehousing and storage while minimizing handling of produce that ensures product quality.

How it works:

IoT sensors, automated material handling, conveyor systems and warehousing systems ensures minimal material handling by humans

Completely digitized material in-warding and order fulfilment

Fully automated warehousing, allocation, and fulfilment for FMCG and fresh produce

Completely integrated quality management system


Automated warehouse management and material handling

Reduced manpower costs

Improved food quality and damages by reducing human touch and manual handling

Digitised Quality management system not only improved product quality but also to ensure compliance and auditing requirements

Automated sorting and grading

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