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End-to-end crop management system powered by IoT

End-to-end crop management system powered by IoT sensors and AI-ML based real-time insights and intelligence that enables farmers to cultivate the right type of crop or produce based on market demand & soil type, maximize the yield by following our customized data-driven, scientifically formulated package of practices and optimized resource management systems, and finally sell the harvest for the right price at the right time.

How it works:

Our seed and farm tech ensures growing of agri-produce with inputs and techniques that are scientifically formulated and monitored through our IoT systems for improved yield

Maximize farm productivity by delivering real-time intelligence around crop health management, disease detection, soil testing, irrigation planning and IoT based real-time micro climatic and soil condition monitoring

The GramworkX weather station records real-time micro climatic data such as soil type, location, elevation etc. that enables data driven decision making that results in optimized resource management, reduction in disease and pest related risks and improved yield

Monitor real-time mandi prices of over 100 crops from 100 different mandis around the country on a daily basis


Reduced wastage due to demand-driven crop planning

Price and demand transparency and visibility for farmers

Yield improvement and maximize profits

Reduced volatility due to demand-linked crop planning

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