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All in one management of sales and distribution from sales force automation, last mile delivery, route optimization and collection management

End-to-end digitization and management of O2C process from sales force automation and distribution management system to an AI-ML based route optimisation engine for last mile delivery and advance returns and receivables management systems. The platform leverages the latest of science and technology and includes a state-of-the-art customer ordering retail app and built-in plugins for integrations with the latest FinTech solutions such as digital lending and digital collections and payment processing.

How it works:

Our Sales Force Automation app is a one-stop shop for all sales team and includes customer onboarding, sales management and order taking, credit management, receivables management, FinTech integrations for digital lending and digital collection management

End-to-end brand, distributor and customer management including a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities

Set credit and prices for the customers and manage cash flows of distributors

Manage material movement within the warehouse with our operations module for material in-warding, inventory management, order processing, allocation, and fulfilment


Fully digitized and automated O2C process

Real-time of visibility and tracking of end-to-end O2C process

Cost-savings from reduced manpower and reduced logistics cost from optimized intelligent route planning

Fully automated receivables management and advanced security and compliance controls for loss prevention

Enhanced cash-flow with built-in plugins for digital lending and digital collections management

Reduction of customer acquisition spend and improved margins by reduction in sales spend by providing access to B2B retail app for customers

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