Say goodbye to long, fragmented supply chains.


Your entire supply chain spectrum on one single integrated technology ecosystem.

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Complete suite for retailer needs from merchandising recommendations, e-commerce and digital store front

Complete suite of retailer omni-channel solutions from e-commerce and digital storefront to in-store retail technology solutions and delivery and fulfilment systems. Leverage advanced AI-ML powered product recommendation engines and advanced merchandising enablement.

How it works:

Start your e-commerce business with our white-label e-commerce iOS and Android apps

Build a web-based digital storefront and take control of your merchandising, order taking, pricing, catalog management, inventory, and sales

Customized branding and themes, and manage discounts, offers, in-app and push notification

Integrated multi-channel sales and marketing


Shape your own customized customer experience and digital journey

Easy set-up and flexibility to completely control your own digital storefront

Add new sales channels and drive revenue growth by offering a true omni-channel shopping experience

Improve margins by moving away from aggregator platforms

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