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At CENSA, we believe that science, intelligence and technology can be powerful democratizing factors, allowing businesses to overcome obstacles and be more responsive and relevant.


Supercharge your supply chain with our intelligent technology ecosystem.

From sowing to harvest, procurement and processing to distribution, retail and more, CENSA can untangle, optimize and energize your entire supply chain spectrum.

Each of the solutions within our ecosystem is modular which means you can get them to work seamlessly with your existing platforms and systems.

WayCool. Powered by CENSA.

See how CENSA propelled India’s fastest growing agri-commerce.

Re-defining the

food value chain.

End-to-end visibility and centralizing control

End-to-end visibility brings better transparency in your operations, and streamlines and helps control every stage of your supply chain—from production to processing, procurement and warehousing to last-mile delivery.

Real-time resolution and optimization engines

Our platform works across the entire food value chain, ensuring real-time transparency and resolution at all stages and processes, making it more efficient.

Self-learning, predicting and optimizing

With advanced predictive modelling and data analytics, our platform connects demand with food sources to ensure value creation across the supply chain and minimal wastage.

Fully collaborative, data-driven and platform-based

CENSA develops data-driven technology to build intelligence and transparency in its platform, in order to solve critical problems in the value chain, keeping the end-user in mind.

Personalized, flexible and responsive

Our platform provides a flexible design that is personalized and responsive at all stages of the food value chain in order to efficiently cater to the needs of your organization.

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